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Our Services

Office Visits

Annual gynecologic well visits

Semi-annual gynecologic follow-up visits

Problem oriented visits

Gynecologic consultations and consultations for future urogynecologic or aesthetic treatments

Office Visits

Office Based Procedures

Pap smears

Colposcopy of the cervix, vagina, vulva with biopsy

Hysteroscopy and biopsy (looking inside the uterus for evaluation and biopsy)

Removal of small, benign skin lesions

Radiofrequency treatments to the vagina, pelvic floor and vulva for urinary leakage or
appearance issues (labioplasty)

Electrical muscle stimulation to the abdominal muscles that have undergone separation and
weakening electrical muscle stimulation to the pelvic muscles to increase tone and support

Botox, dermal fillers, threads, lip enhancement

Office Based Procedures

Hospital Based Procedures

Diagnostic and operative laparoscopy

LEEP cervical conization procedure

D&C and diagnostic or operative hysteroscopy

Endometrial radiofrequency ablation for heavy menses

Robotic laparoscopic hysterectomy, removal of tubes and ovaries, endometriosis surgery

Open laparotomy for hysterectomy and large pelvic tumors

Hospital Based Procedures


Screening and diagnostic mammograms and breast ultrasounds

Pelvic ultrasounds

Bone densities

Breast cancer specialist

Gynecologic cancer specialist

Gastrointestinal specialist (colonoscopy)

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